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Our prices are presented in Euro.
The price includes VAT as long as you select a country inside EU.

For countries outside of EU the VAT is not added, giving you a VAT free purchase. When the parcel enters your country you might have to pay duties and taxes. This is not something that is included in the price. It is strictly a matter between you and the legislation of your non-EU country. Check with your customs representative to learn about possible costs involved with importing goods to your country.

If you are looking to order items to Norway, please contact us before you place the order. 
Why? Anything you order from the site will be shipped without VAT. When the items enter Norway you will have to pay duty, tax and a brokerage fee.
Instead of that, we can send you a VOEC payment request for the items including norwegian VAT. You will not pay any other costs such as duty or brokerage fee. It will be like shopping inside of the EU.
So, contact us before you order to Norway.

We use UPS to ship your order.

Free shipping?
Shipping is free for all EU orders that reach 195 Euro. Below this ammount you can chose UPS access point for 11 Euro, or UPS home delivery for 15 Euro. For available countries outside of the EU the shipping cost varies. You will see your shipping cost in the checkout section when finalizing your purchase.

We offer payment via Paypal, VISA and Mastercard,

Delivery time
We stock almost all products, giving you speedy deliveries.

We reserve the right to cancel any order at our discretion. Sometimes the customer location or other factors make it too difficult for us to fulfil an order. 

We are a GDPR complient company. We will never ever give your information to a 3rd party, unless required so by law. 

Return a product
You are free to return any product within 30 days of purchase. We will not cover the postage or any other cost involved with you returning the products. The returned product must be unused and undamaged for a full refund to take place. For returns from non-EU countries you must attach a return-invoice that is made by us. Please contact us before making a return from a non-EU country. We reserve the right to either refuse the delivery, or deduct additional costs from your refund.

Uncollected parcels
If an order is not collected from the access point, or if you are not able to accept your delivery, there is a risk that the parcel goes in return to us. If that would happen, a return fee of 20 Euro will be charged to the customer or drawn from the refund of your order. This charge is in addition to the original shipping that you might have paid for.

Shipping damage or faulty products
If a product is broken, damaged or not functioning properly, you are to report this immediately. Its expected from you to examine the product thoroughly upon arrival to ensure that the products are unharmed and functioning according to your expectations.

Note: For kitchen knives the degree of sharpness can vary. An edge with inadequate sharpness is not neccesarily faulty, rather its up to the maker to choose the degree of sharpness of his hand made product. Most knives are delivered sharp, or very sharp, but some makers dont put focus on final edging.

Note: Most of our products are hand made. They will all be slightly different from each other. Its not uncommon to see flaws in the finish. For instance blades that are not 100% straight, edges with small differences in thickness or handle installation that has a slight angle. This is part of the craftmanship and doesnt meet the criteria of a faulty product. There is of course a limit to accepted imperfections. If you feel that your knife shows a variation that is outside of what is to be expected, please let us know and we´ll take a closer look. You are always free to return a product that you are not happy with, but we will not cover the shipping cost as long as the flaw is inside the realms of what can be expected. If you have quetions about a specific knife before placing your order, please dont hesitate to email us.

Our products are covered by 1 year warranty. This does not include wear or damage to the edge. Make sure your delicate edge does not twist, prise or cut into hard objects. Read more here

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