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Artikelnummer: IM-KI_4000

Whetstone - Fine grit

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Grit #4000 (but it feels like a higher grit stone)

This is one of our absolute favourites, such an amazing stone from Kitayama! Its silky smooth and creates a super sharp edge. The feeling while sharpening is buttery, creamy and smooth but its still quite hard and doesnt scratch too easily. 

Splash and go, no need to soak it in water prior to use.

Size: 206 x 78 x 26 mm

A fine grit stone is used for final edging. It polishes the edge and removes the burr. 3000 grit or more is preferred for finishing the edge. How high you go is up to you but keep in mind that a higher grit leaves you with smaller teeth in the edge structure, giving you less grip on things like tomatoes etc. At cleancut, we prefer to stop at 4000-6000 grit.

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