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Artikelnummer: Shib270SU
Shibata Kotetsu


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Sujihiki slicer with a blade that measures 270 mm.

The blade is a 3 layer construction with a core of SG-2 powder steel. the outer layers are of a softer stainless steel.

Takayuki Shibata is a well known knife sharpener in Japan. Some even claim he is the best. This knife is designed by him and its evident that the main focus is on cutting performance. This knife will cut. The thin and hard blade has an impressive geometry that will make the blade glide through a potato as if it was pre boiled. The downside is that its more fragile than a regular kitchen knife, but if you treat it right it will give you no issues.

Octo handle.

Weight: 147 gr
Thickness mid spine: 1,95 mm
Blade height heel: 40,6 mm
Edge length: 265 mm

(weight and measurements can vary slightly - Its a hand made product)

Some words from the maker:

Japan's first ironclad ship was named Kotetsu. Her name means 'Ironclad'. The Kotetsu had a very unusual bow. It looks like my knife. And the Kotetsu was the first in her class, and she used a pioneering 'cutting-edge' design.

The Kotetsu was formidable - just like my knife. And the Kotetsu was ironclad, while my knife is actually steel clad. Inside I put SG-2 stainless powder steel. Outside, I have clad it with stainless steel sides. This 3-layer construction is easier to sharpen, and it keeps its edge better, and it resists damage better.

Disclaimer: Japanese knives have thin edges with high hardness. This makes them much more fragile than traditional european knives. These blades should under no circumstances be subject to twisting, prising or cutting into hard objects. Such handling could easily cause damage to the edge, something that is not valid ground for a warranty claim.

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