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Artikelnummer: Shib180BU
Shibata Kotetsu


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185,66 €
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Blade length Tooltip
16-18 cm
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Steel type
Layers of steel
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Bunka (vegetable knife) with an 180 mm long blade.

Weight: 144 grams
Thickness in the middle of the spine: 1.7 mm
Heel blade height: 52 mm
Edge length: 184 mm

Note: Measurements and weight may vary slightly as the knife is hand-forged.

Shibata Koutetsu is a spectacular knife series with an elegant appearance. All knives in the series feature a highly defined tip, typically found on bunka and kiritsuke models.

The steel used is the highly hard and favored SG-2 powdered steel, laminated with 2 layers of softer steel. The blades are exceptionally thin and arrive razor-sharp. The thin blades contribute to excellent cutting performance, and the hard powdered steel ensures the knife retains its sharpness for an extended period. However, the delicate blades should be handled with care as they can be susceptible to damage when cutting through hard particles.

This is a very beautiful and high-performance knife that a true knife enthusiast will appreciate! 

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