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Artikelnummer: G-SN135PT_satin
Shiro Kamo


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13-15 cm
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This knife has a handle in octagon satin wood (Bloodwood). 

Model: Petty knife
Blade length: 138 mm
Blade height: 33 mm
Weight: 75 grams
Core steel: Shirogami #2 (not stainless)
Clad: Soft iron with kurouchi nashiji finish

Shiro Kamo 'Kazan' is a hand-forged precision instrument from one of the biggest names in Takefu, Japan. Shiro Kamo forges thin and delicate blades with nice tapering. The thin core steel of shirogami #2 takes an extremely sharp edge and the high carbon content makes the knife easy to hone and to sharpen. Around the core steel is a layer of soft iron on each side. This coat has black oxidized kurouchi and a light nashiji finish. Nashiji means pear skin in Japanese and it is a way to provide the blade sides with a rough surface and a unique look. 

Shiro Kamo was actually one of the first blacksmiths we got to know, and his knives are one of our most popular brands still today.

NOTE: Shirogami #2 is not stainless. The clad around the core steel is made of iron and is not stainless either. Remember to always keep the edge dry to avoid rusting, and feel free to put some oil on the blade. It increases luster and keeps rust away. Since the steel is reactive, a patina will occur relatively quickly. If you cut into proteins, a blue and green patina arises, while vegetables give more of a gray and brownish patina.

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