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Knife case | Leather


Knife bags

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The smell of genuine leather is wonderful and the design is well thought out. The knife case is closed with sturdy zippers and is carried with by hand or in a bag.

The case store 4 knives and has a total of 6 small elastics wher you can place your thermometer and your favourite tweezers. The knives can be placed with the blade in the leather pouch if you are using blade covers, or with the handle in the leather pouch if you prefer that. This is a very versatile bag in a small format. Mix and match to find your optimal setup!

  • Color: Dark brown leather
  • Holds: 4 knives + accessories
  • Dimensions closed: 405 x 180 x 45 mm
  • Dimensions open: 405 x 370 mm
  • Longest knife that fits: About 390 mm including handle

The bag holds 4 knives and we strongly recommend that you add blade guards if you do not already have protection for your knives.

Blade guards are not included in the bag. Please purchase them here:

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