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Chinese cleaver

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16-18 cm
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Hatsukokoro Sentan | Chinese Cleaver with a 175 mm blade length.

This series features a hand-forged carbon steel blade with a Shirogami#2 cor and stainless cladding. The blade has a black kurouchi finish, creating a raw black surface. The edge is thin, and the knife is well-weighted, offering a balanced feel in the hand.

The finish is simple, just as it should be on a classic Chinese cleaver. It is, therefore, not uncommon for the blade to have minor spots on the edge, something that can be polished away with a polishing agent. This is a knife intended to work hard in the kitchen!

This is not a meat cleaver. Its a vegetable knife with a thin edge, ideal for chopping vegetables similar to a nakiri. For tougher tasks, we recommend using a meat cleaver with a thicker edge and a softer steel.


  • Weight: 267 grams
  • Thickness mid spine: 3 mm
  • Heel blade height: 73 mm
  • Sharpening angle: 12.5 degrees per side
  • Steel: Shirogami#2 (60-61 HRC)
  • Cladding: Stainless steel

Note: Measurements and weight may vary slightly as the knife is hand-forged.

Note: Please be aware that the thin and hard blade may sustain damage if used on hard ingredients such as bones or frozen food.

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