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Shapton glass stones

Whetstone set

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1 pcs Stone holder that fits all stones.

1 pcs Whetstone medium/coarse - 500 grit. (Shapton Glass)

1 pcs Whetstone  fine - 3000 grit. (Shapton Glass)

1 pcs Leather strop for final finishing.

Shapton glass stones is one of the best stones on the market. They cut very fast while maintaining its shape well. Its splash and go, meaning you dont have to plan your sharpening session, just slap on some water and start sharpening.

The stone is mounted on a glass plate that is 5 mm thick. The stone itself is 6 mm thick.

Its a great product that will master any steel on the market. We recommend it!

1. Rinse the stone after use. Dont use hot water or detergents.

2. Dry the stone with a lint free cloth and let it air out in room temperature, never in direct sun light or with a blow dryer.

3. Have the stone dry with the ceramic surface facing up. Never let it dry against another stone, the ceramic surfaces might stick permanently!

4. Store the stone in room temperature.

5. If the glass should break, discard the stone. We have yet to break a stone, but it could happen if you drop it.

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