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Artikelnummer: KS-SANJO-240GY_nohandle

Gyuto - No handle

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22+ cm
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Gyuto 240 mm blade - No handle

Blade height at heel: 50 mm

Kashima Sanjo is a fantastic knife, hand forged in Sanjo by one of the best in the business. Its a shirogami#2 knife with a very thin and delicate edge. The sharpness is mind blowing and the geometry ensures extreme cutting abilities. Have we talked it up enough yet? Well, theres only one way to find out, and we stake our reputation on the performance of this bad boy. The stainless blade sides have a matte finish and the carbon steel core is polished to a shiny finish. 

Note: Carbon steel is not stainless! Be sure to wipe the blade dry immediately after use to avoid rusting of the blade.

Disclaimer: Japanese knives have thin edges with high hardness. This makes them much more fragile than traditional european knives. These blades should under no circumstances be subject to twisting, prising or cutting into hard objects. Such handling could easily cause damage to the edge, something that is not valid ground for a warranty claim.

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