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Kiritsuke knife with a blade that measures 230 mm.

Blade height: 42 mm
Actual blade length: 228 mm
Thickness blade root: 4 mm
Thickness blade middle: 3 mm
Thickness by the tip bend: 2 mm

Weight: 190 grams
Handle. Flamed chestnut handle with ferrule in buffalo horn.
Blade: Shirogami#2 steel with 2 layers of iron clad.

From Sakai in Japan - Traditional hand forged blades in shirogami#2 steel. 

The Shiraki factory has a long tradition of making exceptional blades. The carbon steel is ground very thin and the knives take a superb edge. These knives are not stainless, not the edge and not the iron clad. We have visited Shiraki on several occations. The crafsmanship is both exciting and impressive to watch. 

Carbon steel is NOT stainless. Be sure to wipe off all moist directly after use to avoid rust.

Disclaimer: Japanese knives have thin edges with high hardness. This makes them much more fragile than traditional european knives. These blades should under no circumstances be subject to twisting, prising or cutting into hard objects. Such handling could easily cause damage to the edge, something that is not valid grounds for a warranty claim.

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