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Artikelnummer: TN-180BU_AO
Blade length: 180 mm
188,76 €

Bunka knife with 180 mm long blade.

The Matsubara style is to make a tall and sturdy knife with a very thin edge. For users looking for a rough look and a thin edge that cuts superbly. The weight comes from the tall blades, but also from the distal taper. The core steel is aogami that is laminated by hand with stainless steel (warikomi construktion). Therefor only the edge will receive patina.

Octo handle with a bolster in black pakka wood.

Weight: Around 130 gr
Blade height heel: 51 mm
Edge length: 180 mm
Steel: Aogami#2

Note: Each measurement can vary slightly. Its a hand made product.

Tanaka Kama Kogyo is the owner of Matusbara knives in Nagasaki. He is the 4:th generation of blacksmiths in his family and he forges his blades with great passion and enthusiasm. One example of this is that he laminates the steel by hand (warikomi). This is accomplished by cutting open a piece of soft stainless steel and inserting the core steel (aogami#2). This created a U-shape with the core wedged within, as opposed to a ready made 3-layer material that is made up of 3 sheets of metal. The quality of the blade relies heavily on the heat treatment. We have visited the Matusbara factory and we have used his knives extensively. We can confirm that the forge and heat treat is done with precision. It cuts well and it holds its edge for a long time. Surprisingly long for shirogami steel.

Carbon steel is NOT stainless. Therefor, the core steel has been laminated with stainless steel. The blade sides will remain shiny but the core will receive a darker patina.

Disclaimer: Japanese knives have thin edges with high hardness. This makes them much more fragile than traditional european knives. These blades should under no circumstances be subject to twisting, prising or cutting into hard objects. Such handling could easily cause damage to the edge, something that is not valid ground for a warranty claim.

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16-18 cm
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