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Artikelnummer: AFPE135_TA_AS


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127,04 €
Blade length Tooltip
13-15 cm
Bladlängd desc
Steel type
Aogami Super
Layers of steel
Blade material
Handle type

Petty knife with 135 mm long blade

Akifusa Oriental AS is a laser thin knife made from the carbon steel Aogami Super (HRC 64-65), laminated with softer stainless steel for easy maintenance. 

The handle is D-shaped (shinogi).

The tang has been rounded off to give a smooth feel and a good grip. It also makes for nice detail that most other knives dont have.

These blades are sharp as razor blades and they cut extremely well. Its a great performer that will cut dense produce without wedging, allthough the shiny and flat blade side makes the slices stick a bit more to the blade side. Its a classic 'cant have it both ways' type of situations.

Carbon steel is NOT stainless. Therefor, the core steel has been laminated with stainless steel. The blade sides will remain shiny but the core will receive a darker patina.

Disclaimer: Japanese knives have thin edges with high hardness. This makes them much more fragile than traditional european knives. These blades should under no circumstances be subject to twisting, prising or cutting into hard objects. Such handling could easily cause damage to the edge, something that is not valid ground for a warranty claim 

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