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Suzuki uchihamono is located in Yamagata, Japan. It was established 60 years ago and now runs in second generation. The shape of the Suzuki knife design comes from the original sickle. He makes a special kitchen knife for peeling potato, persimmon and for cutting garlic roots, etc. It has been highly praised by professional chefs in Japan. Mr. Suzuki is especially skillful at forging single bevel tools and can create complex curve shapes while still preserving a thin geometry. At present, there are few craftsmen who inherit this technology in Japan.

Mr. Suzuki said: "compared with ordinary sickles, other blacksmiths can't achieve the same quality", so he want to challenge it more. The previous generation spent two years to complete the "Garlic root knife" after many experiments. As a secret technology inherited by their workshop, Suzuki has always used this technology. Mr. Suzuki also said: "Although the production of this special tool is very hard, in the future, as long as there are people in need, I want to continue to work hard for it".

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Suzuki Tsukasa


Blade length: 70 mm | Single bevel

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