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Welcome to the kasumi section! Here you will find extra fine knives that we at cleancut have selected to refine into jewels. The knives have had their bevels flattened out on coarse stones. We start out with the rough diamond stone, after which we reduce the scratch pattern with #220, #500, #1000, #2000, #4000, #6000 and natural stone for the kasumi finish. This process takes an average of 2-3 hours to complete and we usually go through all of our stones. 

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Cleancut Kasumi Section

Shiro Kamo

Custom kasumi | 1 pcs available

161,10 €
Excl. VAT (United States)

Blade length: 170 mm | 1 pcs available

219,80 €
Excl. VAT (United States)
Sakai Takayuki

Blade length: 150 mm | 1 pcs available

241,90 €
Excl. VAT (United States)

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