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Originating and based in Peckham, South London; Blenheim Forge is the steel workshop of bladesmiths Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner, in which they create hand-forged quality kitchen knives.

Self-taught; knife making began as a hobby that James Ross-Harris and Jon Warshawsky cultivated in their back garden on a hand-made forge, fuelled by a blend of charcoal. Over the years they have perfected their craft, focusing on fine-tuning the process of hand-forging in order to create knives of the highest character and performance. Shortly after setting up, Blenheim Forge expanded to include machine-making extraordinaire Richard Warner, and moved into Arch 229, Blenheim Grove; a railway arch with a long history of metalwork artistry.

Blenheim Forge
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Blenheim Forge

Blenheim Forge

Blade length: 155 mm

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